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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Tool #10

I want students to understand about copyright, cyberbullying, and plagarism.  As discussed earlier copyright is the law and students do not need to take shortcuts by using another persons work or creative idea.  Students need to know that they can be liable for what they are saying and doing on line if it is in an inappropriate manner-making threats and using inappropriate language directed at another person.  This goes along with our school's No Place For Hate initiative.
Brainpop is a good source for teaching students on line safety and being a good digital citizen.  They have videos and on line quizzes that check for understanding.
We send home flyers to parents on tips for keeping their children safe on line.  Flyers and brochures are available for parents during Family Library Night.

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  1. Do y'all have a campus plan for integrating digital citizenship lessons into each grade level? We are planning to require each grade level to teach one, but I personally feel there needs to be more. As you mentioned, BrainPOP has some terrific lessons. You might also want to take a look at Common Sense Media.