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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Tool #9

Technology has to be linked to the objective to have a purposeful lesson and to justify their expense.
Students need to be held accountable so that their time is well spent and they are achieving objective goals.  Technology is not a toy for playing rather a tool for learning.
My 5th grade math teacher uses Mangahigh and Compass to supplement whole group math instruction to ensure that students are getting the concepts.  Some students need a little more time in a different more accessible format for them to grasp the concept.
She uses this as a work station for differentiated instruction.
My libarian has several apps on the library iTouches that address phonics and early math concepts that students can use to reinforce learnings from the classroom.
Some of my teachers use the iPod to record their student's reading aloud. This helps improve fluency and self confidence in oral reading.

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