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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Tool #11

1.  I enjoy using Google Docs and TodaysMeet.  I am already using Google Docs with my CIT to add to and revise our 2013-2014 Campus Improvement Plan over the summer.  This gives everyone a chance to add to our plan without rushing during our May meeting.

2.  I already have seen the change that has occurred in many TWE classrooms regarding integration of technology.  What this usually means for teachers is that they now need to allow students to become self directed learners and they are the facilitators of learning.

3.  I followed the steps to embed videos, products to my Blog and it would not work.  I will continue to work at this over the year and find activities that I can use to enhance my presetations to staff and during meetings.  I will also use the tools to communicate and collaborate with other professionals/administrators in the education field.

Tool #10

I want students to understand about copyright, cyberbullying, and plagarism.  As discussed earlier copyright is the law and students do not need to take shortcuts by using another persons work or creative idea.  Students need to know that they can be liable for what they are saying and doing on line if it is in an inappropriate manner-making threats and using inappropriate language directed at another person.  This goes along with our school's No Place For Hate initiative.
Brainpop is a good source for teaching students on line safety and being a good digital citizen.  They have videos and on line quizzes that check for understanding.
We send home flyers to parents on tips for keeping their children safe on line.  Flyers and brochures are available for parents during Family Library Night.

Tool #9

Technology has to be linked to the objective to have a purposeful lesson and to justify their expense.
Students need to be held accountable so that their time is well spent and they are achieving objective goals.  Technology is not a toy for playing rather a tool for learning.
My 5th grade math teacher uses Mangahigh and Compass to supplement whole group math instruction to ensure that students are getting the concepts.  Some students need a little more time in a different more accessible format for them to grasp the concept.
She uses this as a work station for differentiated instruction.
My libarian has several apps on the library iTouches that address phonics and early math concepts that students can use to reinforce learnings from the classroom.
Some of my teachers use the iPod to record their student's reading aloud. This helps improve fluency and self confidence in oral reading.

Tool #8

I learned that Netbooks are great for using at independent centers or for reteaching concepts and completing online quizzes to verify understanding.  iTouches can be used as rewards in the classroom to play educational games at work stations.

I don't use them in my office setting; however, I expect my teachers to have a system set up to ensure the devices' security and equity in usage by students.

Tool #7

Since I am a principal I don't usually collaborate with other teachers on classroom projects, but, I am aware of my librarian and music teacher using Edmodo with various student groups with great success.  For example, my librarian used Edmodo with her book club to share links to book trailer tutorials and to get their input on Prezi creations.  My music teacher used Edmodo as a vehicle for communication on classroom assignments and to connect with her students.

Tool #6

I have used Backchannel during district meetings to post ideas, questions and comments.  It is a great way to get everyone's input without interrupting the flow of the meeting.

I have used Skype to communicate with other teachers and administrators during our pre conference prior to an observation using the ICLE form.

Tool 5.1

I am copying the embed codes as instructed.  They don't show up.  What am I doing wrong?