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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Tool #11

1.  I enjoy using Google Docs and TodaysMeet.  I am already using Google Docs with my CIT to add to and revise our 2013-2014 Campus Improvement Plan over the summer.  This gives everyone a chance to add to our plan without rushing during our May meeting.

2.  I already have seen the change that has occurred in many TWE classrooms regarding integration of technology.  What this usually means for teachers is that they now need to allow students to become self directed learners and they are the facilitators of learning.

3.  I followed the steps to embed videos, products to my Blog and it would not work.  I will continue to work at this over the year and find activities that I can use to enhance my presetations to staff and during meetings.  I will also use the tools to communicate and collaborate with other professionals/administrators in the education field.


  1. Congratulations! I know technology can be frustrating at times when it is not "cooperating" with you, but you never gave up. We'll work more next fall on figuring out why your videos were not embedding properly. I can see from your posts that you have a good appreciation for how these web 2.0 tools can be used in our classrooms to support our teachers' instruction and to make learning fun for our students. Great work!

  2. I'm happy to work with you to embed video and insert images whenever you have time - just hop on over!

    Hopefully you and your teachers see the value of being a self-directed learner themselves and have taken this introduction into web 2.0 to develop their own professional learning networks (PLN) and continue to learn and grow!